After mental illness debilitates you, it's liberating when your thoughts about bad times are no longer black and white.

I have suffered from depression for decades, and only in the last few years have I taken my recovery seriously. I guess a six week stay in a private hospital will do.

Staying changed me. In fact, coming home changed me. Before going to the hospital, I had this idea that I would be cured — they would get me off the anxiety medication I was addicted to; I will have electroconvulsive therapy and it will make me brand new.


Although a little changed by the time I got home, I certainly wasn’t cured. I was off the anxiety meds, sure. I have endured some intense therapy, yes. But I’m still going home—same old brain, same old body. Only this time I was acutely vulnerable, and I didn’t have a team of doctors monitoring my every move and teachers honing my coping skills.

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