On Monday, March 20th, United States Steel Co. (NYSE:X) announced a new position bought by DuPont Capital Management Corp in its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The institutional investor acquired 16,776 shares of the company’s stock, valued at approximately $420,000. This recent development not only demonstrates the confidence of institutional investors in US steel companies, but also sheds light on the health of the American economy in general.

Moreover, US Steel Co. recently declared a quarterly dividend which was paid to shareholders on March 14th which was recorded prior to February 13th. Shareholders hit it big with a dividend of $0.05 per share, which translates to a handsome annual rate of $0.20 – that breaks down to an attractive yield of 0.81%. The investment date for this distribution was set on February 10 and highlights their plans to facilitate shareholder wealth.

On another note, director Andrea J. Ayers acquired about 1,000 shares of United States Steel stock in a transaction valued at $31.45 per share; This represented the total value exchanged during the buyout at $31,450.00 when Senior Vice President Richard Fruhoff sold his own shares – selling about 37,500 from his basket of shares at an average price of $31.38 each for roughly $1,176,750.00 since the market has improved and although the investment It’s wise to harp on decisions that will encourage or discourage – we’re confident that US Steel is poised for growth and profitability despite the ups and downs along the way.

With such news comes recommendations from various reputed industry players who promote due diligence while deciding to invest in such stocks; Their advice often highlights how important it is for people to factor in current economic realities and act in the face of what’s happening in the international political arena. Furthermore, investors should keep an eye on US trade policies that could affect shares owned by basic materials companies such as United States Steel Co. That said, shareholders can take pride in the fact that United States Steel Co. continues to assert its position. Certainly, this is a positive signal for potential investors looking for a long-term investment vehicle – one of the basic crude steel component manufacturers in the USA.

United States Steel Co. sees mixed reviews and institutional investors boost stakes amid impressive quarterly earnings

United States Steel Co. (NYSE:X) has been in the news recently, thanks to several interesting developments Institutional investors added to or reduced their stakes in X, Greenleaf Trust bought a new stake worth $232,000 and Maryland State Retirement & Pension System did the same for $486,000. These institutional investors now own 75.02% of the company’s stock.

A number of research analysts have also recently weighed in on United State Steel, with Morgan Stanley upping their price target to $31.00 and giving the stock an “equal weight” rating. Goldman Sachs Group raised its price target to $26.00 from $23.00 and gave X a “sell” rating, while Bank of America called it “underperform”. StockNews.com and BMO Capital Markets, meanwhile, called it a “hold,” with BMO raising its target price from $25.00 to $33.00.

United State Steel declared a quarterly dividend of $0.05 per share on Tuesday, March 14th and paid shareholders of record as of Monday, February 13th; The ex-dividend date was Friday, February 10th of this year. This represents an annual dividend of $0.20 and a yield of 0.81%, while the company’s payout ratio currently stands at 2.23%.

United States steel began this week with an opening price of $24:80 on Monday morning; Its moving averages have been sitting around $27:59 (50-day period) and $25:10 (200-day period) over the past few weeks. The company has a current ratio of 1:99 and a quick ratio of 1:39 along with a market capitalization of around $5:63 billion – they also hold a P/E ratio of 2.76 and a beta of 2:14. In the past 12 months, X has traded as low as $16:41 and as high as $38:61.

The basic materials company reported impressive earnings results for the latest quarter, with earnings per share estimated at $0.87 – beating the consensus estimate by at least $0.27 – despite quarterly revenue down 22.8% year-over-year, earning an impressive revenue estimate of $4.34 billion ($0.3 billion above the consensus estimate). United States Steel’s net income margin stands at a solid 11.98%, while the company’s equity ratio is around 26:75%. Overall it looks like the United States Steel Company is poised for an interesting year in terms of financial markets; We look forward to more detailed announcements soon that could reveal what could potentially be big opportunities, or serious threats regarding X’s development this season in terms of finances.

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