Top 3 Dog Hammocks for Cars

When it’s time to hit the road with your dog’s best friend, the right tools and accessories make the journey both easier and safer. This includes the best dog hammocks for cars. Amazon has dozens of designs and thousands of products to choose from – but not all are created equal so I took a few recommendations from an expert.


Nicole Ellis is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Pet Lifestyle Expert at Rover, as well as an American Kennel Club CGC evaluator, APDT trainer, and published author. She has spent more than a dozen years training hundreds of animals, including puppies, service dogs, and animals for therapy work.

What to Look for in the Best Car Hammocks for Dogs

Washable: “A washable waterproof hammock is key,” Ellis wrote to Bustle. A car hammock will “protect the sides of your seats” as well as keep your dog inside. However, this often means it will attract mud, fur, sand and moisture, so you’ll want to be able to throw everything in the washing machine when you’re done with the adventure.

Trustworthy: a dog hammock immortality even if a dog replaces a seat belt, it must be securely fastened. “Make sure the hammock fits your car,” Ellis wrote. “It should align easily with the seat belt holes for your pet to buckle the seat belt.” Finally, some hammocks are made of materials that Ellis finds “too slippery,” which can be unsafe for both dogs and passengers; A material that allows some traction is safer and more practical.

Appropriate: Finally, dog harnesses are made to make your life easier – not hard. Ellis wrote that a well-fitting option “would also make it easier for human passengers to jump in the back without having to remove the hammocks.” You can also opt for extra features like “storage pocket for extra poop bags”. [and] a tennis ball” or a “mesh window” so you can see your pet and they can see you too.

While shopping, remember that a dog hammock is great for protecting your car when it comes to dirt and fur. immortality Be the only accessory you use to secure your dog in the car. According to Ellis, “It’s important to remember that they do not protect your dog and should always be used with a crash-tested carrier or harness.”

Buy the Best Dog Hammocks for Cars

are you in a hurry? Here are Ellis’ top three recommendations for dog hammocks.

  1. Best Trainer Recommended Dog Hammock: RUFFWEAR Dirt Bag Seat Cover
  2. Best Value: Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover, Standard
  3. Best Half Seat Hammock: Kurgo Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover, Half

1. Top Trainer Recommended Dog Hammock


  • Machine washable and shake clean
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Non-slip, secure and fits in the back seat of most passenger cars


“My favorite is the Ruffwear Dirtbag I use in my own car,” Ellis wrote. “It stays in place and doesn’t slip on my dogs thanks to the non-slip fabric.” This option is made from a durable, waterproof material that is machine washable, but is also designed to be thoroughly cleaned with a quick shake. (“I have always been amazed by the amount of sand, dirt, and fur he has collected from our travels,” Ellis wrote.)

What’s more, it’s safe and its convertible design can be used as a hammock or just above the seat. It attaches around the headrests using webbing loops and the seat itself using padding locks, but you can still access the seat belts. Finally, the side wings protect your car from mud, fur and dirt as your pup gets in and out.

A reviewer wrote: “This cover is great. I had two similarly styled caps cheaper for about a year until they started falling out and falling apart. This seems to have been done better than ever, and the big plus is that it has parts that run down the sides of the rear seat area. [dirt] from getting down there.”

Dimensions: 55 by 63 inches | Material: polyester | Available colors: Granite Gray and Trail Brown | Available sizes: one size |

2. Best Value


  • less than $40
  • Lots of extras like mesh window, storage pocket and zippers
  • A highly rated critic’s favorite
  • Comes in two sizes and four colors


  • Not the longest-lasting option, according to some reviewers

For less than half the top picking cost, you can get the Active Pets standard dog hammock, which can be used as a hammock, seat cover, or trunk liner. It has over 2,500 reviews and a total star rating of 4.6. Plus Ellis recommends it because it has a “mesh window for small pets to see into the front seat.” You also get sturdy zippers, a non-slip rubber back, openings for seat belts, and a built-in pocket for toys and pet essentials – all of which make it a pretty great value.

The material is waterproof and attaches to the car in six places (four head mounts and two seat mounts), and although the brand doesn’t explicitly say it’s washable, reviewers threw it in the machine and didn’t report any issues. While the universal standard fit fits most vehicles, it also comes in XL for large trucks and vans. You can also get it with a choice of four colors on the sides.

A reviewer wrote: “It’s a great product. We take the dog for a walk in the mud, snow, rain, whatever, and as long as we have this backseat cover, there’s nothing to worry about on the way home. We also use the seat belt features for him on highways and they work great. The mesh is nice so it gets airflow from the front so we can see it easily.”

Dimensions: 20 by 42 inches | Material: waterproof Oxford cotton | Available colors: black, blue, orange, pink | Available sizes: standard, XL |

3. Best Half Seat Hammock


  • It occupies only half of the rear seat, so the other half can be used for child seats, other passengers and storage.
  • Has pockets and zippered seat belt slots
  • It is stain resistant and creates a cave-like space for your dog.
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive for its size
  • May not work for much larger vehicles

Finally, “Kurgo makes a half hammock that lets you leave the passenger seat open,” Ellis wrote—“also the best option for child seats or for easily transporting human passengers.” Its water and stain resistant fabric protects half of your car seat (including the floor and back of the front seat) and its tubular edges prevent any moisture from spreading to the other side. It also has zippered openings so you can access seat belts and pet restraints, plus two storage pockets for your dog’s stuff. It can be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry.

Currently, the brand has received an average of 4.5 stars after feedback from over 1,500 reviewers. It comes in three colors, but you can also get a full bench seat cover, a bench seat to floor covering, a hammock, and a non-slip cover design.

A reviewer wrote: “I don’t know why more companies aren’t making this half hammock, but this is great! A full hammock leaves my dog ​​with so much room that he gets angry. This half hammock is key because it gives him more of a “den”-like space, but still allows enough room for him to turn and go down if he wants to. […] Material, hair, saliva, etc. makes it really easy to clean and vacuum. It was very simple to set up and easy to do.”

Dimensions: 27.5 by 30 inches | Material: waterproof polyester | Available colors: Heather Charcoal Grey, Heather Nutmeg, Heather Black| Available sizes: 27.5 inches wide by 55 inches wide |


Nicole Ellis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Pet Lifestyle Specialist with Rover

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