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Investing news and trends

ETF investors showed ‘a lot of restraint’ in the first quarter. Here’s why Bond won them over.

Bonds have been the hot spot for money flowing into exchange-traded funds this year. Read more

Stock market retreats to boost investor confidence

S&P 500 shows strong support at 3970. A close below 3950 would be bearish, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read more

The Nasdaq and Dow have split in a way that isn’t healthy for stocks

A wide first-quarter performance gap between these two market benchmarks is troubling. Read more

Market experts say that April is the best month for stocks. Here’s how to play the odds.

Smart money bets against market consensus and public sentiment. Read more

Is April the time to activate your sell-in-May-and-go-away-stock-market strategy?

Investing in the stock market for six months and staying out for the rest of the year is not risk free. Read more

You will make the most money in the stock market during this period

Most of the US market’s daily returns are produced between the closing and opening hours. Read more

‘People don’t have to be financial analysts to buy CDs.’ We need to be able to trust the banks with our money.

Like water and electricity, bank deposits should be protected by the government. Read more

This ‘black swan’ fund took a nearly 25% loss in a stock- and bond-market storm the likes of which you’ll rarely see.

A fund set up to shield investors from market volatility plunged from its peak in late 2021, as a swan of a different color backed up predictions. Read more

14 Dividend Stocks Yielding 4% or More Expected to Increase Payouts in 2023 and 2024

These companies are expected to support a trend within the S&P 500 for a slower pace of dividend growth. Read more

ChatGPT and Bird tell this hedge-fund manager to avoid AI stocks now

‘Many investors are piling into the same handful of companies, driving up valuations,’ ChatGPT tells Cody Willard. Read more

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank is not the end of the banking crisis. History says it may just be the beginning.

Regulators’ sweeping response points to a financial system in the early stages of distress. Read more

10 value stocks are expected to perform like growth stocks through 2024

These companies are expected to post vastly improved numbers for sales, earnings and cash flow over the next two years. Read more

Here’s what Biden’s 1% buyback tax has done to stock prices so far in 2023

Tax buybacks haven’t significantly dampened activity — putting a prop under the bull market, writes Mark Hulbert. Read more

Buy, sell or hold your No. 1 decision about stocks. Do this step now.

Become an ‘active holder’ Make sure you understand the role of each investment in your portfolio, writes Chuck Jaffe. Read more

How to Buy I Bonds with Your Tax Refund

I Bond interest rates will reset on May 1. Should you buy now or wait? Read more

Your financial advisor won’t tell you this, but you may be able to get a management fee waiver

Advisors want to provide a service that you feel is valuable and reasonably priced. Read more

The Fire movement is enticing, but your early retirement dreams need real money.

Some optimistic investors may face a harsh reality about early retirement: Their goals are not yet within reach. Read more

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