Photo provided Representatives from WVU Medicine prepare to provide information at their health fair during last year’s Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend presented by WVU Medicine. From left are hospital spokespeople Bonnie Funkhouser and Gretchen Kessler, Dr. Mark Hofbauer and spokeswoman Thea Gompers. Health Expo returns this year.

WHEELING — WVU Medicine isn’t the only one lending its name to the Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend presented by WVU Medicine. It is also lending its expertise.

The health system will be offering a health exhibition outside the Wesbanco Arena during the Health Weekend on both Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28.

The event will coincide with the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic on Saturday and the Tough As Nails Urban Challenge run that Sunday presented by The Health Plan.

Jessica Rhine, WVU Medicine’s associate vice president of foundation and community relations, said the health system’s offerings throughout Wellness Weekend aren’t just for the benefit of competitors. They are there for the families and fans of those competitors, as well as others who visit the downtown Wheeling site.

“The whole wellness weekend, of course, revolves around the horses, but it also focuses on taking care of yourself,” Rina said. “There are so many ways that people just live in pain and they don’t have to. We have some amazingly trained physical therapists who have been really successful in getting people out of pain.”

WVU Medicine will offer a full slate of weekend services, Rhine said. It will offer a medical tent to care for any injuries, while physical therapists will provide post-race massages as well as chair massages.

“And then we’ll add some information on our orthopedics, stroke and cardiac care, women’s health,” Rina said. “They will all be there for people to exploit.”

After running the health expo inside the arena last year, Rhine said, WVU Medicine will move operations outside the WesBanco Arena patios to increase visibility of the services the health system offers and the information it wants to give everyone at the event.

WVU Medicine wants people who don’t race the weekend to get an idea of ​​what it offers, so they can join in the fun in 2024, Rhine said.

“Maybe a lot of people don’t participate because they’re coming to watch because they’re supporting the people who are running,” “Or maybe they’re living with some chronic pain,” he says. We now have many specialists in the valley that we have hired, some amazing doctors who are able to help people get rid of pain.

“Living with pain is not normal” Rin continued. “Your body gives you signals. And we’ll have some information for people, and maybe we can speed them up and they’ll be able to race next year.”

Perry Nardo, general manager of The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register, thanked WVU Medicine for all the services it provides during Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend and how it supports healthy living for everyone in the Ohio Valley.

“The Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend promotes good health not only with those who participate in the many races during the event, but also with those who come wheeling downtown to cheer on their family and friends” Nardo said. “With WVU Medicine, we have the perfect partner to provide knowledge and expertise to everyone who makes their way to the race site on the weekend.

“A healthy Ohio Valley is a good Ohio Valley,” Nardo added. “And WVU Medicine believes, as we do, that fostering a healthy mindset is crucial.”

Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend is an excellent vehicle to talk about healthy living, said Rhyne.

“Keeping people moving, keeping people healthy and being a part of it is at the heart of what we do.” she said.

To register for all races available throughout the weekend, visit

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