Survey Reveals Most Annoying Passengers on Flights

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If you haven’t had another passenger bothering you on one of your flights, consider yourself lucky! Most travelers have encountered a passenger who has bothered them at some point during the flight. The more you fly, the more often you see (or smell) passengers who are not your favorite character of the flight. In a recent survey, passengers were asked what behaviors of other passengers bother them.

Below are the 10 most annoying passengers on flights, as well as the percentage of respondents who find their behavior annoying.

Man standing on plane uncomfortable waiting in line during flights

1) Passengers Kicking the Seat

Percentage of Respondents: 59.11%

Not surprisingly, passengers rated kicking the back of their seat as one of the most annoying things another passenger could do. As a direct physical attack on travelers’ personal space and comfort, it makes sense for this to be at the top of the list.

2) Drunk and Unruly Travelers

Percentage of Respondents: 59.11%

Tied with seat kicking for drunk and unruly passengers 1Saint place and why is not surprising. When you’re thousands of feet in the air inside a metal pipe, there’s no way out of a situation. Unfortunately, some passengers cannot handle their alcohol, which leads to quite uncomfortable and even dangerous situations like the one below.

@disgruntled_trini Drunk airline traveler🥴 #صصصصیدی #trinitikokurs🇦🇷🆙️🔥 #trinidad #trini_tiktoks #fypシ #foryou #foryourpage #you #disgruntled_trini #PNM #for ♬ original sound – disgruntled_trini

At best, you will have to endure snoring from someone who is too much. In the worst case, threats of physical violence occurred. This particular behavior can go from annoying to dangerous pretty quickly.

3) Smelly Passengers (or more Good)

Percentage of Respondents: 48%

About half of those surveyed said they felt uncomfortable by travelers who smelled bad or used too much cologne because of poor hygiene. Being stuck in a giant flying tube with hundreds of other people is bad enough. Add in the unpleasant smells and it becomes a completely different experience.

4) Passengers with Negligent Parents

Percentage of Participants: 46.81%

Negligent Parent on a sleeper airplane on flights

Behind the smelly passengers are parents who were not careful during the flight. Almost half of those surveyed said that parents who are not taking care of their children bother them on flights. Unfortunately, this behavior often coincides with the most annoying #1 thing – seat kicking.

5) Passengers Eating Heavy-Smelling Foods

Percentage of Respondents: 39.8%

Similar to #3, passengers eating pungent-smelling food may annoy people around them. However, these odors are not as irritating as smelly passengers.

6) Passengers Moving Around Arm Rest

Percentage of Respondents: 39.07%

Man waving at an armrest

About two out of five respondents think armrest-mounted passengers are annoying. If you’ve ever been stuck in the middle seat with a pig with two armrests, you probably understand what they mean.

7) Passengers with Fully Reclined Seats

Percentage of Respondents: 38.25%

Reclining the seat on an airplane has been a point of contention among travelers for years. Still, about 38% of those surveyed agree that it’s annoying behavior.

Reclining seat on the plane

8) Passengers who talk to you a lot

Percentage of Respondents: 29.87%

Getting stuck in a conversation is a nightmare for many travelers, but at least there is an option to walk away while on land. With thousands of feet in the air, there’s no escaping a talkative traveler. But starting a flight with headphones can help you avoid getting caught in unwanted conversations.

9) Passengers boarding or disembarking an unusual plane

Percentage of Participants: 29.60%

Passengers boarding the plane

Everyone has witnessed enthusiastic passengers jumping out of their seats and jumping down the aisle to wait for the airplane doors to open. Maybe they are afraid of missing a connecting flight, or maybe they are. Either way, about 3 out of 10 participants found it annoying.

10) Listening Passengers’ Headphones Turn On Too Loud

Percentage of Participants: 28.96%

Airplanes are noisy as they are and often suppress a lot of background noise. If someone’s music is loud enough that you can hear it, it’s probably too loud. This came just after passengers who skipped their row boarding, with 3 out of 10 saying loud music or movies were bothering them.

Passenger holding headphones on airplane

Notable Extras

A few more pesky passengers who didn’t make the top 10 were passengers who took off their shoes, passengers using headroom too far in front of their seats, and passengers who did a lot of PDA. One thing remains open. Gathering a few hundred people together in a confined space for a few hours can certainly elicit some behavior that annoys fellow travelers.

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