Student Activities Financing Commission Brings Club Sports Budget Decisions to the Financing Council, Lowers the Expenditure Limit

Beginning this term, the Student Activities Funding Commission, which is responsible for allocating budgets to support the more than 500 student organizations on campus, has moved funding decisions for club sports to the Cornell Club Athletic Council with a lower spending cap, complicating equipment, uniforms, and other financing. brought. sports team needs.

The CSC announced this change in July so that the relevant funding council would fund the organizations within its scope and the most knowledgeable lead commissioners in their fields could review the budget.

CSC also said that in the past clubs have not spent the total allocated funds. Therefore, the CSC said lowering the cap could increase financing flexibility and prevent some clubs from storing unused funds. However, changes to the CSC hindered teams’ ability to change equipment, pay for training grounds, and hold or participate in matches.

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