National Engineering Industries Ltd., through its subsidiary NBC Global, opens its Global Technology Center in Germany

Centre focus on application engineering, product development and manufacturing technology in the automotive and industrial field

Enables NBC Bearings India With a competitive advantage thanks to a wider network and advanced technical knowledge

JAIPUR, India, September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NEI) – 2.4 billion USD CK Birla Group and NBC brand bearing manufacturer, indians leading bearing manufacturers and exporterstoday announced the launch of the Global Technology Center (GTC) in Würzburg (Wuerzburg), Bavaria (Germany) through its subsidiary NBC Global.

The technology center will focus on application engineering, product development and production technology in the automobile and industrial field. The company’s global and EuropeActs as an extended arm for NBC Bearings as well as OEM based customers. India through innovation, speed in implementing new ideas, responsiveness to customer requirements and responsiveness to market requirements. GTC was launched on the sidelines of IAA Transport 2022, which is currently underway. Hanover, Germany.

A competency center approach at GTC will have dedicated teams working on relevant customer applications in e-Engines and eMobility bearings, wheel end bearings, drivetrain bearings and manufacturing process development.

“It is a moment of great pride that we have started our first Global Technology Center to focus on customer-centric bearings that are an integral part of all types of machinery,” he said. Rohit SabooPresident and CEO, National Engineering Industries Ltd. “The fact that this center is in Turkey GermanyThe world’s automotive innovation hub gives NBC Bearings a strategic advantage in collaborating directly with our global customers, some of the leading automotive manufacturers that deliver products tailored to their needs, accelerating response and time to market.”

Dr. Lokesh AgrawalVice President and Head of R&D, National Engineering Industries Ltd. “This is an important milestone for NBC as we continue our journey to become a global player. We have assembled a team of highly talented and accomplished engineers who will innovate the products of the future in the automotive and industrial space.”

Andreas KnopfHead of the Global Technology Center, NBC Global (Germany) Gmbh “This center will provide NBC with a strong momentum for growth, both in terms of customer proximity and technology. We will partner with customers to develop products for higher speed, durability and longer service life.”

To capitalize on the synergies, GTC will also work closely with NBC Global’s foundation. SlovakiaKinex bearings (a major global supplier of standard and special bearings for a variety of industrial and railway applications reaching over 80 countries).

About NBC Global Ag

NBC Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Engineering Industries Ltd. NBC Global has teams of bearing solutions, customer support, business development, engineering and supply chain resources across a range of areas. Europe and USA.

About National Engineering Industries Ltd (NBC Bearings)

National Engineering Industries Ltd (NEI), founded in 1946, is part of the company. 2.4 billion USD CK Birla Group and NBC brand bearing manufacturer. NEI, which ensures sustainability by making the movement more efficient, indians largest bearing manufacturers and exporters With an annual production of 200 Mn bearings in more than 2300 variants for application in the automotive, railways, aerospace and industrial segments to serve customers in more than 30 countries. It also serves the Indian aftermarket through a nationwide network of over 550 authorized stockists and thousands of retailers.

Headquartered in Jaipur, India, NEI is the only bearing manufacturer in the world to win the prestigious Deming Grand Prize (2015). With a workforce of more than 2800 and five manufacturing sites in Jaipur (2), Newai (Rajasthan), Manesar (Haryana) and Vadodara (Gujarat), NEI is equipped with global manufacturing and process technology and has one of the best R&D centers in the world. has. India. In addition to being technologically advanced, the company applies sustainability methods by increasing the efficiency of the production process by using alternative energy sources and leveraging the power of digitalization. NBC Bearings is committed to being carbon neutral by 2039.

In 2020, National Engineering Industries Ltd acquired Kinex bearings. Europe develop, diversify and deliver best-in-class products to existing and potential customers through its subsidiary NBC Global Ag. In 2022, NBC Global Ag will launch the Global Technology Center. Germany to support innovation and support NEI’s global growth.

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