Mysterious ‘nightmare’ shark with annoying human-like smile drifted from deep sea

Recently, a deep lighthouse had embraced this mysterious shark with bulging eyes, rough skin, and an annoyingly human smile. Credits: Trapman Bermagui)

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A bizarre deep-sea shark with bulging eyes and an annoying, human-like smile has recently drifted off the coast of Australia. Shark experts aren’t sure exactly what species the spooky-looking creature might belong to, adding to the mystery surrounding this unusual specimen.

A deep lighthouse with the online name Trapman Bermagui shark From a depth of about 2,130 feet (650 meters) off the coast of New South Wales in Australia. The fisherman later shared a photo of the deep-sea specimen on September 12. Facebook (opens in new tab). The image shows the dead shark’s rough sandpaper-like skin, large pointed snout, large bulging eyes, and exposed pearly whites.

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