Mexico’s Most Feared Prison Will Now Take Tourists

With the opening of Islas Marias as a tourist destination, tourism will increase significantly in various destinations in the state of Nayarit, such as the port of San Blas. One of the ferries will depart from this port to reach this new tourist center and Boca de Chila, where a new tourism development is planned.

Riviera Nayarit Public Relations Director Richard Zarkin pointed out that the ferries to this former prison, which has now been converted into a cultural-ecotourism centre, will be operated by Grupo Vidanta.


Zarkin stated that the federation is already working on this issue. He also said that the tourists coming to these islands, which are considered as UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites, may be primarily those who are interested in bird watching, such as the Yellow-Headed Parrot. Besides the coral reefs, visitors will also be able to watch some shark species.

The PR Director of Riviera Nayarit cited an interesting fact that two islands in Peru have waves as long as a street – more than a kilometer – so it will be a huge attraction for surfers to challenge them.

Aeromar raised his hand to land at his destination, and the Secretary of the Navy has already scheduled flights to the islands.

Challenge for the Future

Tepic Airport will be completely renovated by 2023. The interstate highway will also be ready by the end of this year. Tourism will increase significantly in San Blas. This port is expected to receive significant investments for improvements to the municipality and hotel infrastructure.

Zarkin stated that San Blas receives a lot of Canadian tourism from Alberta and British Columbia in the winter, so West Jet may also land at Tepic Airport after recovering its flights to the region before the pandemic.

The challenge for the future is to talk more about Nayarit, which is already reflected in Tianguis Turístico 2022.

Likewise, there are talks with Volaris to set up the Los Angeles – Tepic route as their route from Tijuana to Tepic is excellent.

The challenge for the future is to talk more about Nayarit, which is already reflected in Tianguis Turistico 2022. During this tourism fair, new alliances were formed with Puerto to promote the state as a great destination without neglecting the promotional work that has been carried out for several years. Vallarta and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Airport.

The airport is recovering before the pandemic and increasing some of its flights. By December, Copa Airlines will return to its destination with a flight to Panama.

Zarkin said that they continue to grow in infrastructure as well, and they expect the opening of the new Alberge Susurros del Corazon in Punta Mita, a boutique hotel with only 57 rooms for this year; In addition to The Ritz-Carlton Reserve on the Costa Canova and Fairmont.

Vidanta will bring more business and tourism to the destination with the new amusement park and the increase of more than 600 rooms in its latest development.

It is 50 km from the city of Tepic.
The inspection group visited Apando, the lighthouse, where they saw the remains of the lighthouse keeper’s house and the lookout point.

Ferry to the Islands

Eduardo Paniagua, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies AC (AMAV Nacional), told TravelPulse: “There will be a ferry that will leave Mazatlan and arrive at Isla Madre pier. We are also looking for air access and three departure points: Tepic, Nayarit; Mazatlan, Sinaloa and another,” said Paniagua.

The inspection visit, which was held in the first quarter of the year, was open to the Baleto colony on Maria Madre Island, where a delegation of 21 business people was welcomed at the pier and continued at the Visitor Centre.

The group continued to the lighthouse, where they visited Apando, the remains of the lighthouse keeper’s home, and the lookout point. After the visit, the group went to the neighborhood cemetery. From there, they went to the site museum and then visited the center of the Balleto neighborhood with attractions such as Plaza Benito Juárez, the church and the old craft market.

Domestic and foreign tourists can visit the islands as day-trippers, those who do not sleep on the spot and stay less than 24 hours. This will provide inclusive, environmentally sound and economically fair experiences.

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