Huawei Cloud signs Memorandum of Understanding with OKG Technology Holdings Limited at Huawei Connect

BANGKOK, September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei’s 7th annual flagship event for the global ICT industry, Bangkok. during the conference, Huawei Cloud Signed an MoU with OKG Technology Holdings Limited (01499.HK). Will develop a joint solution with OKG Huawei Cloud GaussDB (DWS) fully parallel and distributed technology, based on Global Accelerator (GA), Ubiquitous Cloud-Native Service (UCS), and Blockchain Service (BCS) together to fulfill security and regulations, serve requirements and regulations in the global blockchain space to work .

via the Global Accelerator (GA) Huawei CloudThe OKG branch can efficiently access the front-end of enterprise applications to develop a consistent experience across the cloud-native work distribution, management and application ecosystem, allowing customers to use cloud-native applications without the restrictions of region, cross-cloud, and traffic restrictions and regional, intuitive, relevant and to create a visualized operations and digitization analysis platform. It complies with industry regulations to unlock the value of data, improve business value and management through data analytics, serve the global blockchain community and ecosystem, and integrate cloud-native capabilities into every business scenario for the enterprise.

Huawei Cloud signed an MoU with OKG Technology Holdings Limited during the conference

“Industrial safety compliance is extremely important in the digital economy phase. Huawei Cloud It will provide a cloud computing platform and blockchain service for OKG’s solution capabilities to unlock the potential of digital infrastructures. We will jointly expand the diversified application of blockchain and support the blockchain-based construction industry. “We hope that our cooperation can accelerate the development of blockchain technology and create value for industry and society,” said Cao Lingling, General Manager of the Hong Kong Cloud Business Department at Huawei Hong Kong.

Explore Web 3.0 with: Huawei Cloud

The conference included an “Discover Web 3.0”. Huawei Cloudsession in which various applications, technologies and scenarios were introduced using Huawei Cloud as a service base. Web 3.0 is the name of new internet services given by technology experts. The world is now going through changes led by Web 3.0. with metadatato, GameFi, DAO and DeFi, Web 3.0 has changed the traditional mode of business and ushered in a whole new digital age. Topics discussed in the session include the web 3.0 ecosystem and future development, the value of digital infrastructure and Web 3.0 in the digital economy, reshaping the digital economy together to unlock new values, etc. took place.

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