FIRST TIME Vegan Cooking Contest Show Is Coming

A revolutionary new cooking show is coming to a streaming platform near you.

robbed” is the first vegan cooking competition program. Not only that, the cutting-edge show features an all vegan cast, making “PEELED” the first of its kind on television.

PELED will premiere with a Red Carpet Premiere at the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) in Los Angeles on September 24. The star-studded red carpet event will also be broadcast live to online audiences across multiple platforms.

“PELED” Is The First and Only Totally Vegan Cooking Contest Show

Chefs race against the clock to impress the discerning vegan judges and avoid being “peeled in the compost”.

In the end, only one contestant can take home the “Hottest Vegan Chef” title.

“PELED” goes down in television history with its all vegan cast. Contestants will also show compassion to raise money for worthy causes as they race to win the chance to create a dessert menu item for the largest international vegan restaurant chain, The Copper Branch.

Dr. Sebnem Islam and Chief Babette Davis Host a unique cooking competition co-created by Star Simmons.

Cooks Will Cook Mercy to Raise Money for Worthy Causes

Simmons’ vision for “PELED” caught the interest of contestant “Chef Josie Clemens.” Gordon Ramsay‘s world famous reality game show “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Chef Clemens co-created “PEELED”.

Simmons is also its founder. typeAn organization whose mission is to “make veganism accessible by bringing together the best vegan products, professionals, businesses, and services in one easy-to-navigate platform.”

explosion Simmons, Islam and celebrity chief spoke to judge Chris Tucker also Compassion for Animals Gala on September 16pearl.

“’PELED’ is the first all-vegan cast team vegan food challenge competition. So, this is something we’ve never seen before. While we’ve seen plenty of vegans cooking, there’s one thing we haven’t seen, from the creator to the cast and crew. Every single person was completely vegan, even to our craft services,” he said. Explosion. “What we’re trying to show the public is it’s accessible, easy, cheap, affordable, and you know, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.”

Tucker added another unique quality about “PEELED”.

“We’ve brought together a group of brands that can be easily accessed by anyone watching at home. So the next time they go to the grocery store, they might say, ‘When they need to use pork, they put it in this product from OmniFoods,’ which they can get from all SPROUTS locations nationwide. we.

Simmons has long admitted that she had the idea of ​​an all-vegan cooking competition show, but by the last quarter of last year everything was starting to fall into place.

“I thought why don’t we have a space. Why can’t we show what food is there without harming the animals,” said Simmons. “It has been a passion for me.”

explosion Asked about Islam, Simmons and Tucker were asked for their thoughts on the viral video of Ramsey choosing a lamb to cook.

“PELED” Cast Weighs Gordon Ramsay’s Viral Lamb Video

“I’m disappointed because I understand her daughter is vegan or researching veganism and seems open to that, so it’s very discouraging for me to step back and do that and make fun of the animal’s life like that,” Simmons explained.

Tucker said it’s imperative to know when people enter the vegan world for profit rather than compassion.

“I think from the standpoint of this individual, he’s probably entering the field for profit and not so much in terms of compassion,” Tucker said. “This little specimen with the lamb just shows its character.”

The show will simultaneously stream online at and will begin 24 hours after its premiere on Unchained TV, available on Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV.

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