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Hello and welcome back to FanPost on Friday. I had to skip a few weeks for other site programming, and also due to my own lack of bandwidth due to a recent job change (a good one!), but here we are back with less than two weeks into the regular season.

Before getting into VIBE CHECK, I want to sincerely thank everyone who attended the First Annual Tim Cantu MemoriaLL Softbal Game a few weeks ago, as well as everyone who attended the meeting at the Growler Guys in Lake City last Saturday. Both were super fun events and after not seeing many people outside of my small circle for the past few years it was so nice to see new and familiar faces. So thank you all for making both events such a fulfilling, welcoming and joyful time. I never thank angels.

On that note, we will meet again at Growler Guys on Saturday, September 24, as the Mariners are still on the way. Kelly and the Mariners Bar League staff at GG were super welcoming and made this a very pro sailor fan area, which isn’t always the case with bars in the area so we really appreciate that at LL. So go out, grab some beer, a big old soft pretzel, maybe some hot dogs, and cheer on the Marines with friends new and old.

Ok, keep checking the vibe. Sheesh, the last seven games have been tough. After the thrilling streak against the Braves and Padres, the Mariners should have been ready to gently but firmly sweep the infamous, relegated, absolutely wee-poor Anaheim Angels and Oakland A into the bin where they belong. But, in tried-and-true AL West fashion, both teams took on being the miserable jerk in the punch bowl the Mariners were often. Winning two games overall in both series and battling positively to put together runs and relegation was definitely not the plan Scott Servais and his team had in mind.

I didn’t have fun
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So what’s going on? Players are rarely 100% healthy at any point in a baseball season, but this becomes especially true in the final episode. And it’s just bad luck that almost all of the team’s top bats are “injured but not injured.” Except for Eugenio, who is currently missing a fingertip. Bad scene.

It was frankly terrible for all of us that Julio Rodríguez left the game at halftime yesterday and now we wait and prepare ourselves for the next step.

The 2022 Mariners have more ready depth to the MLB than any Mariners team lately, but even with some good substitutes, it will be nearly impossible to fill the gaps left by Julio and Eugenio, Mitch Haniger’s clumsy back and Ty France’s injuries. keeps crashing. Unproven reverse? Jarred Kelenic played here and yesterday with a chip the size of a Washington State Ferry over his shoulder. So, maybe this will continue?

Frankly, I’m worried. It’s not so much about getting a Wild Card point, it’s more about having the ability to win a series, a single playoff game. Anything can happen though, and I’m trying to focus on the fact that there hasn’t been a playoff dock here for 20 seasons, and this city and the whole region are ready and waiting to ride or die for these Marines. to experience with all of you.

Here’s the latest VIBE CHECK on the playoffs since July 29:

Pretty overwhelmingly positive! Let’s see how you feel now with these 13 GAMES TO CONTROL THE LEFT VIBE:


Do you believe the Mariners will end their playoff drought this season?

  • 10%

    You have to love these guys.

    (25 votes)

total 242 votes

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What are your expectations for Jarred Kelenic for the rest of 2022?

  • 39%

    It goes into full savior mode, absolutely crushing and making all skeptics feel stupid.

    (96 votes)

  • 57%

    He does some clutch kicks, but still has a lot of trouble with the kicks

    (140 votes)

  • %one

    Breaks 10 sticks and fights a teammate (and obviously wins)

    (3 votes)

  • %one

    Its production sucks and is traded out of season.

    (4 votes)

total of 243 votes

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If Julio’s back injury is significant…

  • 33%

    Team died in the water, playoffs or not

    (81 votes)

  • 14%

    they will be fine

    (36 votes)

  • 51%

    Why did you say such a thing???

    (126 votes)

total of 243 votes

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners

very ordinary 🙁
Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports


What happened to All-Star Ty France?

  • 4%

    he was badly injured

    (11 votes)

  • 69%

    She’s a little hurt and also just falling

    (168 votes)

  • 22%

    He will be fine

    (55 votes)

  • 3%


    (8 votes)

total 242 votes

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What happened to Jesse Winker?

  • 5%

    The dead ball caught them

    (14 votes)

  • 4%

    The age gap caught them

    (10 votes)

  • 21%

    How did the swing work in the first place?

    (52 votes)

  • 55%

    The world may never know.

    (133 votes)

total 238 votes

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels

Gary A. Vasquez-USA Sports TODAY


The most surprising Mariners player this season? (in a good way)

  • 5%

    carlos santana

    (13 votes)

  • %2

    Other, write your answer in the comments!

    (5 votes)

total of 247 votes

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Ok that’s it for this week! Let’s hope for a solid show against the Royals this weekend and a strong push to lock in a Wild Card spot. Once again folks keep in mind that it’s rare weather we’re here. Try to breathe them all in while you can, and don’t forget to breathe in general. I heard it’s good for you.

Stay safe and go to Mariners.

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