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SliceNote leverages AI and data science tools to enable investors to make data-informed investments in working musicians.

Unlike other music investment platforms that only focus on buying mature catalogs, SliceNote allows artists to invest in the growth stages of their careers.”

– Peter Sinclair, CEO of Bitbread

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 11, 2023 / — beatBread, the music funding company that allows artists to access growth capital while maintaining control of their careers and ownership of their music, today launched SliceNote, a powerful independent musician and new platforms to enable fractional investment in labels.

Since launching in 2020, beatBread has become a leading player in independent music financing, advancing artists from $1,000 to more than $3 million. beatBread uses proprietary artificial intelligence to create funding offers for artists and labels, streaming, social and other data sources.

sliceNote uses its proprietary chordCashAI™ algorithm to enable financial institutions and high net worth investors to make smart decisions and invest alongside leading music companies and executives. This approach combines hard data and subjective expertise to improve investment decision-making, benefiting investors, music companies and artists in the process.

beatBread CEO Peter Sinclair said: “SliceNote brings smart capital to the music market, empowering not only independent artists, but also highly skilled music executives, independent labels and music companies who know how to build an artist’s career. We give these skilled professionals additional financial muscle to help them compete with the majors. Unlike other music investment platforms that only focus on buying mature catalogs, SliceNote allows artists to invest in the growth stages of their careers.”

Investors access SliceNote’s forecasting tools through data-rich Sound Investment™ profiles and can make decisions based on detailed streaming, social and revenue history. The Sound Investment™ profile also provides dynamic potential projections for future releases in high-, medium-, and low-performance scenarios, along with potential financial outcomes for investors in each scenario. “The data we provide isn’t just an Excel projection driven by arbitrary assumptions, it’s based on a market-tested model trained on tens of thousands of artists and tens of millions of songs,” said John Haller, head of analytics and data at Slicenote Science. “Our patent-pending technology has successfully predicted artist revenue across catalogs and unreleased music within a few percentage points on hundreds of deals for artists and labels.”

Within Slicenote, qualified investors can invest as little as 1% of a given deal and join music companies and insiders in a consortium to invest in any artist or independent label. According to Isaac Blazard, GM of Slicenote, “We designed a platform based on substance, not sizzle. Slicenote is not a fan funding or crypto hype machine. It’s designed for serious, rigorous investors.”

Qualified investors can sign up at, where they can invest from $1000 to $1 million in each contract, paying royalty income quarterly. Artists or labels looking for funding can sign up at, or at any of beatBread’s white label distribution partners.

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