Advisor relationships with clients are built on trust and planning for the future. But when people An outlook on their financial future As uncertain as it seems, trusting relationships are more important than ever. This is where social selling comes in.

For agents and advisors, this means that making genuine connections with clients and prospects both online (and in real life, of course) is critical to success in 2023. You cannot buy the trust of your existing or potential customer base. You must nurture it – and social media is a great place to do that.

Social selling, or using social media as a sales and relationship-building tool, is at the intersection of marketing and sales. It’s about using social media to showcase your expertise, build relationships with leads and existing customers, and ultimately expand your reach within the digital landscape. With a strategic approach, social selling helps you showcase your value — and the products you offer — to existing and potential clients.

However, it is important to remember that social selling is not about collecting likes and follows on social media channels. Aim to share your personality, knowledge and sincerity with others.

Research has proven it About nine out of 10 Consumers base their buying decisions at least in part on authenticity. Social selling gives you the opportunity to expand on your key differentiators to build more long-term relationships. Remember: The longer you keep clients, the more likely they will come back to you as they need additional insurance and financial products for life milestones. This is good for your bottom line.

Looking at social media through the lens of social selling will help you more easily weave it into everyday selling practices. Keep these three tips in mind as you move into a social selling mindset.

1. Post authentically (because it really matters).

Social media shouldn’t be a set-and-forget part of your business. When this happens, your audience can tell and so can the algorithms Your social media posts should always read and sound as if they came directly from you. But more importantly, content doesn’t always have to be hard-hitting. Every time you share on social media, it’s an opportunity for your personal brand to shine.

It looks like behind-the-scenes footage in your office, photos from a recent vacation, or even your personal take on community events. Take all the personal things that have connected you with your potential and existing clients in the past and build your posting strategy around those things. It can also include your personal commentary on an art topic, advice on navigating life changes and the financial decisions that come with them. Above all, be yourself. That’s what the client wants to see.

2. Find out if your carriers offer social selling resources

An advisor doesn’t have to go it alone. Careers are increasingly focusing on digital capabilities and social media. Make sure you take advantage of any social media content or social media management tools offered at Career Level

For example, a carrier may give you access to a content library full of pre-tested, branded and third-party content. This gives you the ingredients to power authentic, personal content as well as powerful and varied posts However, your posts shouldn’t just act as brand megaphones. Also take care to share what matters to you, your business and your clients.

3. Continue the conversation.

Posting on social media is just the beginning of your social selling journey. The more authentic and relevant your content is, the more likely you are to generate engagement and conversation. Your willingness to engage will increase your brand’s visibility and strengthen the relationships you build online. Even better is when a conversation started on social media continues in the real world.

Digital-first consumers are still looking for human interaction and guidance, especially when making decisions that protect their future. Shifting your social media mindset to social selling not only secures an advisor’s position in the digital landscape but also opens doors to business growth.

Nola Morris Chief Strategy Officer at Denim Social. He can be contacted [email protected].

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