Allen-Diggs, Stafford-Kupp among top NFL QB-WR duos

Which receiver matchups are best across the quarterback? NFL?

On Thursday, Greg Jennings of FOX Sports joined”Cardboard Show‘ to discuss the top three QB-WR duos – and which duo ended up just below his list.

Let’s dive.

one. Josh Allen and stephone stakes, buffalo bills

Key statistics: So far, in 2022, Diggs is second in receptions (20), second in welcome yards (270) and first touchdowns (four). He finished last season in the same categories as ninth, eighth and sixth, respectively. This season, Allen has targeted Diggs in 33.3% of his passing attempts tied for the third-highest score in the NFL. Diggs’ 23 goals place him seventh in the NFL as he enters Week 3. The Bills scored 2-0 in the season and 72 points in two games.

Jennings’ thoughts: “Right now, you have to name Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs for what they’ve done – and they’ve been doing it for the longest now.”

2. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals

Key statistics: So far in 2022 Chase ranks fifth (15) in receptions and ninth (183) in reception areas. There is only one winning point in the season. In 2021, Chase finished 20th in receptions (81), fourth in pitch (1,455) and third in touchdowns (13). This season, Burrow has targeted Chase on 28.1% of pass attempts, with Chase’s 25 goals so far in 2022 the second most in the NFL. The Bengals started the season 0-2 after making it all the way to the Super Bowl last season. None of the 40 teams that have made the playoffs in the last three seasons have started 0-2.

Jennings’ thoughts: “Then I move to Cincinnati with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase – yes, absolutely -. I know they didn’t click that. [year]. (More info on last year) and what they did until it went to this.”

3. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Coup, Los Angeles Coaches

Key statistics: This season, Kupp has tied for first place in qualifiers (24), fourth place in reception (236) and second place in scoring (three). The reigning Offensive Player of the Year took the NFL in receptions (145), yards (1947) and touchdowns (16) last season. Going into Week 3, Stafford targeted Kupp in 37.7% of his highest-rated passing attempts in the NFL. After leading the league with 191 goals in 2021 (the most goals in a season since 2015), Kupp is proud of the NFL-leading 29 goals so far in 2022. The reigning Super Bowl champions, the Rams, are leading the season with a 1-1 score. Three weeks

Jennings’ thoughts: “Honestly I would put them in third place. … there’s Stefon Diggs and obviously Josh Allen, then there’s the Bengals – and then I go to Cooper Kupp.”

Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings (Honor Award)

Key statistics: So far, in 2022, Jefferson has tied for 15th place in the catches (15), fifth place in the receiving area (232) and seventh place (two) in taking touchdowns, with Cousins ​​targeting Jefferson in 29.5% of his pass attempts. The third-year receiver has 23 goals so far in the season and ranks seventh in the NFL. Last season, Jefferson finished fourth (108) in receptions and second (1,616) in reception areas. The Vikings are aiming to stay above .500 this week after a 1-1 start.

Jennings’ thoughts: “Let me just say this: I would throw Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins ​​out there, but when I look at the quarterbacks – Kirk is this ‘TBD’, ‘Can he just keep letting Justin be that guy?’

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