Actor John O’Hurley Joins 11 Other Celebrities at the Boat Rally for Cancer This Weekend

John O’Hurley with attendees at the boat rally 2019. Photo courtesy of Boat Rally for Cancer

The Boat Rally for Cancer returns to Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau waters this weekend to support Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Center and Ronald McDonald House, and actor John O’Hurley is one of a dozen celebrities who have come to support the cause.

The boat rally started in 2013 following the success of its sister event, Car Rally for Kids. Combined, the two events have raised over $25 million for various charities over the years. The boat rally on August 19 and 20 this year is an outdoor event where fundraisers will compete in an Incredible Race-style competition followed by a gala dinner on Saturday evening. The top five teams to raise more than $20,000 will have a famous traveler for the ride. One of these celebrities is actor John O’Hurley, known for his role as J. Peterman. Seinfeld.

“It’s nice to be back to such a great organization and such a great event,” said O’Hurley. “We’ll be up [the lakes of] Muskoka is trying to raise money for the hospital in Sunnybrook and also the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto with our boat rally, so it’s going to be a lot of fun, but most importantly, we finally have a good foundational goal. weekend.”

O’Hurley had been participating in car rally for several years when he decided to join boat rally in 2017. Both events feature an obstacle course style challenge where participants must complete special tasks while solving clues in the finish race. liner.

Gala after the boat rally in 2017
The gala after the boat rally in 2017. Photo courtesy of Boat Rally for Cancer

In 2020, the boat rally was replaced by an online auction, while in 2021 all participants were put on boats with their own bubbles. a boat parade and concert on the water. The shifted approach didn’t mean celebs meet and greet, so while he was sad to be away from the rally during COVID, it feels great to be back now, O’Hurley said.

A dozen celebrities have flown for the event, including NHL player Sam Gagner and actor Billy Baldwin. O’Hurley noted that for many of those who have attended the rally before, it’s like seeing family, adding that it’s a way to express the community they feel with each other and do good at the same time. The event is always great fun, but more than anything it’s about helping people, especially children, cope with cancer and other chronic conditions.

“I am lucky to be the father of a healthy 15-year-old boy who has just been a great pleasure to raise,” O’Hurley said. “[Participating in the rally is] Thank God for blessing me with a wonderful child, and I don’t have to go through the incredible emotional and financial difficulties of having a child with some of the ailments that Sunnybrook has been able to pinpoint with both cancer treatment and treatments. research.”

Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Center While providing care to a wide range of cancer patients, she also works on cancer prevention, diagnosis and education. The center oversees clinical trials and research to help improve patient outcomes and is one of the largest cancer programs in North America.

Another charity benefiting from the boat rally is ronald mcdonald houseprovides accommodation and other resources for sick children and their families. Its facilities allow families to stay together near the hospital where their child is being treated, reducing the cost and complexity of an already difficult process.

Boat rally in 2019. Photo courtesy of Boat Rally for Cancer

Attending the rally this weekend, O’Hurley is excited to see how much money has been raised for the two charities, encouraging both permanent and seasonal residents to support other Ontarians throughout the event. Being a part of the boat rally is a summer tradition O’Hurley plans to continue for years to come, and it doesn’t hurt if events bring it back to beautiful Muskoka.

“I see no end in sight,” he said. “I enjoy it and it brings me to Muskoka, which I consider to be one of the truly wonderful lake views in North America. It’s so much fun up there and I can see why people have adopted it as their summer home.”

To learn more about Boat Rally Cancer or to donate, visit event website. Follow for regular updates throughout the weekend activity on facebook.

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